Don't Forget

●The thallus of Volvox is called Coenobium.
●Electrons move from an area of lower potential to an area of higher potential.
●Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion.
●The charge carried by one mole of electons is equal to 96,500 coulomb
known as 1 Faradey.
●Cervical vertebrae are found in neck region.
●The common name of Dionea is Venus fly trap.
●Electric current is a scalar physical quantity.
●H3PO3 is a dibasic acid.
●Audio frequency range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
●Carbon di-oxide is main green house gas.
●The full form of C.N.G. is Compressed Natural Gas.
●Meson theory was proposed by Yukawa.
●Electron volt is the unit of energy.
●The elements of group 16 of long form of periodic table are known as Chalcogens.
●Entropy of universe is increasing.
●The focal length of plane mirror is infinite.
●Botanical name of ‘Sal’ is Shorea robusta.
●Stilt roots are found in sugar cane.
●The term ‘ Genetics’ was coined by Bateson.
●Natural radioactivity was discovered by Henry Becquerel.
●Spirometer is an instrument to record the volume of air moved into and out
of the lungs during respiration.
●Transformer works on the principle of mutual inductance.
●The rest mass of photon is zero.
●Angle of dip at magnetic equator is 00.
●Scientific name of custard apple is Annona squamosa.
●Nesseler’s reagent is used for the test of NH4+.
●The presence of R.B.Cs. in urine is known as Haematuria.
●Entamoeba differs from Amoeba in the absence of contractile vacuole.
●Bundle of His is associated with heart.
●Fossil records provide the most clear evidence of evolution.
●Cadmium rods are used to absorb neutrons in nuclear reactor.
●Sea water contains 2.95 % NaCl.
●Lead Acetate is also known as Sugar of lead.
●Pyrex glass has smallest co- efficient of thermal expansion.
●Third most abundant gas in atmosphere is Argon.
●The detailed study of Hydra was done by Trembley.
Musca nebulo is the common Indian species of housefly.
●Ascaris is a monogentic parasite.
●N.M.E.P. (National Malaria Eradication Programme) was started in India in 1953.
Dodo was a flightless bird which became extinct in 17th century.
●Free oxygen was not present at the time of origin of life.
●The term Ecology was coined by Reiter.
●Smoke is the major source of air pollution in poorly devoloped countries.
●Two sources of light are called coherent if they produce waves of a constant
phase difference.
●The dimensional formula of universal gravitational constant is [ M-1 L3 T-2].
●If 2 forces of equal magnitude produce a resultant of same magnitude, they
must act at an angle of 1200 with each other.
●Angle of dip at magnetic poles of earth is 900.
●Transformer works on the principle of mutual induction.
●The absorptive power of a perfectly black body is 1.
●The plate resistance of diode value is infinite in case of saturation current.
●The intensity of electric field inside a hollow charged spherical conductor is Zero.