General Knowledge

1. Who was the first Indian Miss Universe?
Ans : Sushmitha Sen
2. The first general elections in India were held in .........
Ans : 1951
3. What are three primary colours of light?
Ans : Red, green and blue.
4. What is expansion of ICICI?
Ans : Industrial Credit and Investments Corporation of India.
5. Who is the author of Panch Thanthra?
Ans : Vishnu Sharma
6. Operation Blue Star was operated in Punjab in
Ans : 1984.
7. The first president of Indian National Congress was :
Ans : W. C. Banerjee
8. What is the full form of ASLV?
Ans : Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle.
9. Which country has plain national flag?
Ans : Libya
10. Who is the first cricketer to take 800 wickets in test cricket?
Ans : M. Muralitharan
11. Who was the founder of “SatyaShdhakSamaj”?
Ans : JyotibaPhule
12. Who wrote Buddhacharita?
Ans : Asvaghosha
13. Whom did Mahatma Gandhi consider his political guru?
Ans : Gopal Krishna Gokhale
14. Which river is known as "Sorrow of Bihar"?
Ans : Kosi
15. The battle of Wandiwash was fought between English and …………..
Ans : French